Mission to Haiti

About a year ago I was contacted by a teacher who ran across my blog and was looking for help building a pedal generator.  I learned that she was planning to bring the pedal generator on a mission to Haiti with a group of students from her school.  I was happy to help but soon realized I could help with more than just guidance on her noble mission.  Since I had many of the parts on hand, I offered to send her a completed pedal generator along with most of the parts for a second generator.

You may not be aware of this, but less than 40% of the population of Haiti has access to reliable electricity.  Take a minute and think about how your life would be without convenient, reliable power.  Many of us are so fortunate to be able to enjoy the benefits of a modern first world society, and we often take those perks for granted.  Heck, I’ve seen people have a complete meltdown when the local coffee shop is out of oat milk – I can’t imagine that person trying to go a day without access to electricity and everything that it provides.

The Frederica Academy mission to Haiti was delayed a few times last year, but ultimately made the trip – delivering the pedal generators and completing their mission to their sister school in Haiti – Jubilee School.  

Here is a picture of Hodilove, one of the kids from Jubilee School in Haiti making use of one of the pedal generators.

Hodilove kicking out some watts!

Jubilee School is a non-profit organization, if you are interested in supporting the school by sponsoring a child, here is the link!

I am thrilled Frederica Academy reached out to me to and that I was able help with this mission, if only in a small way.  Counting my blessings and grateful for all that I have.

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